Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th and 5th and 6th of July 2009

Tyler's b-day is the 5th, so we celebrated it on the 4th with good friends, good food, and horseshoes! The next day we went to Tyler's parent's house to have cake for his birthday and his dad's whose is the 6th. Here are some of my favorite pics of the 2 days!

Happy Birthday my LOVE!

Top row - L to R - Amber, Megan, Whitney, Hallie, Heidi
Bottom row - L to R - Christina, Jodi, Jodi

Top row - L to R - Chris, Chris, Bryan, Jason, Kelley, James
Bottom Row - L to R - Jon, James, Tyler

Christina Shippey and Jodi Shippey - such fun, sweet girls!

Bryan Shippey and Tyler - they have been friends for a LONG time

Hallie James - her birthday was a week later and super fun!

Tyler and John James - one of his bromances!

Meg, Whit, Heidi, and Amber - such beautiful friends we have!

Such a good man - I am so blessed!

Tyler and his dad directing our singing of Happy Birthday

Blowing out their candles - yummm...

Sisterhood of the Wrist Tattoo

A few months ago my sister DeeDee got a new tattoo on her wrist and my mom decided she LOVED it. Since then my mom has been trying to talk me and my sister Suzi into getting the same on so we can all match. If it wasn't for the fact that I want a different tattoo in the same spot I probably would have gotten it, but that didn't stop my mom from trying her hardest to persuade me. Eventually my mom and Dee talked Suz into going for the idea, so a few weeks ago we all made a day of it. We met out for lunch and then when to get these bad-boys. Once I saw all of thier wrists together I wanted one so bad! I wanted to be part of the club! I felt like they had an inside joke that I didn't know about and I wanted in! So, I called Tyler and told him I was going to get it and he said, "Whatever, honey - it is your wrist." YEA! I got off the phone, started filling out my paperwork and was getting ready to go. Then, my phone rang...Tyler called me back and reminded me of what I did want and how rash it was to get one because I liked someone elses without thinking about it. So...I didn't get it, I am still trying to decide for sure if I want my other one there and when. But Mom, Suz and Dee - ya'll are rockin' out the sisterhood of the wrist tattoo. I want to be part of the club.

As mom says, "The Williams Girls"

Suzi getting her tat on.

My sweet mom that didn't talk to me ALL day when she found out I had a tattoo,
now has 2 herself!

So cute - and a family affair!

High Maintenance Canine

Miss Ava is rediculous. She has always been a little on the high maintenance side of dogs, but she has now crossed the line. Recently she has developed an absurd fear of thunderstorms. She started trying to dig out of her cage and eventually was successful. She ruined her cage and in the process tore up her feet and face pretty bad. Since all this started she has broken 2 teeth, ripped off multiple toe pads, and shredded her toenails, along with the damage to her nose and face. So, now we have had to purchase another kennel (her FOURTH) and spend a mountain of money at the vet repairing her feet and getting medicine, to top it all off she now has to take an anti-anxiety sedative anytime we are not at home and there is a chance of rain. So...great. But, I still totally love her and think she is adorable, I just wish she was take a chill pill, not one I have to pay for either.

Me and Ava in her new monster cage, she has her "I'm sorry" face on.

Just to give you an idea of how large this thing is.

"I love my new cage! My mom and dad can fit in it with me, it makes me feel safe!"

Her new drugs work very very good.

Poor thing can't focus her eyes on anything...notice how they are looking in different directions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Splish Splash Birthday

Last week while we were in Florida my mom had her 32 birthday (not really, but she insists she isn't getting older)! Happy Birthday MOM! So, when we got back Tyler and I joined my sisters and their families and my brother with my mom to celebrate. We had a great time! When you have a big family, with lots of grandkids living all over town it is hard to ALL get together except major holidays. So, we were missing Rainey and Riley, and Mikayla had to leave early, but we still had so much fun. We swam and ate delicious food and played Rock Band and laughed and laughed and laughed. Here are some pics of our wonderful day and my gorgeous family!

Mally Mae - my youngest neice, precious as always!

Shelby and Abby - Shelby hated this picture, but I LOVE it -they are so natural and pretty!

Tyler, Steven, Grady and I rockin' it out - DeeDee laughing at us in the background :)

My sweet, handsome honey - see the mo-hawk?!? I LOVE IT!

Mallory leaping off the "jumping board"

Shelby flying through the air thanks to Tyler and Grady

Abby doing the same - WEEEEE!!!

I clearly can't throw Mallory as far as the boys threw the bigger girls.

L to R - Me, Tyler, Mallory, Grady, Shelby and Abby

Girls ONLY!

Mom and Mikayla (before she left for another party)
My beautiful mom! Happy Birthday mom - I love you SO much!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Panama City Beach, Florida

Last week Tyler and I got to go with the youth group from our church to Panama City Beach, Florida for an AMAZING summer camp. We went with almost 80 students and 20 or so adults. After a bumpy start (blowing a flat in Mississippi on the charter bus and spending 4 hours at a McDonalds) it was incredible! I have never been to such a fabulous camp with such incredible students. These kids totally opened up their hearts and let the Lord move them in a mighty way. The beach was beautiful and we had a terrific time! Here are a few pics from the week.

Some of the adult ladies - sporting our "mom suits" :)

Yamelis, Diane, Jodi, Jodi and Heather enjoying the sun!

Tyler and I in the worship room

Heather and I resting on the white sand

Jodi squared playing in the water

My honey getting his tan on!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seperated at birth...

Last year around the beginning of the year Tyler and I met another couple from our church named Kelley and Heidi. We knew very quickly that we would become great friends with them. However, Heidi and I quickly realized that our husbands are almost the same person. We think they were secretly seperated at birth because they really could be brothers. Tyler is an extremely funny person to begin with and so is Kelley - but when they are together it is almost more than one person can handle. Heidi and I often find ourselves laughing along and rolling our eyes at how silly these boys get. They come up with the strangest sayings and ideas and schemes and they work together to get want the want from Heidi and I.

The topic they are trying very hard to convince Heidi and I of right now is to fly to Spain in July so they can run with the bulls. Yeah, right. In no way am I even considering this, but it is so funnny to listen to them try to convince us. They say that they don't have to run faster than the bulls, they just have to be faster than the little Spanish men running behind them. Ha...this does not comfort me AT ALL to the idea. But, I appreciate thier valiant efforts of persuasion.

Last week was Kelley's birthday and Heidi threw him a little shing-dig last night. We went over and had a blast, of course. I tried to be a good "mom" and take pics of the party.

I tried to get Kelley and Tyler to seriously get together for a pic -
all I got was CHEESE grins and high school prom poses...

Heidi and Kelley - Birthday Boy

Whitney and Jess - two of my awesome Bible Study girls!

Kelley and his sister Eve - she agrees with us about the Seperations from birth theory

Kelley and Heidi again

Me and my sweet honey

Me and Heidi - the real wives of crazy boys - it could be a sitcom...

Needless to say - they are just another awesome friendship that we have been blessed with - God is SO good - He really knows what kinds of people we love and He just keeps giving us more!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend we went with our Bible Study group (who is totally amazing!) to a lake house on Lake Conroe. One of the girls in our groups parents (Frida and Bill, THANKS!) have a gorgeous house that they have let us borrow a couple times. It is awesome and everything that Tyler and I want in a lake house when we are able to afford that, which is VERY far into the future! Anyway, there were 10 of us there and we had a fantastic time! I love my group and the friends we have made and the relationships that we are continuing to build through it. Everytime we hang out together we have such a great time! We love you guys and girls!! Here are some pics of T$ and I soakin' up the sun, well, more him soaking up the sun, I have to use so much SPF that I block out ever drop...)