Wednesday, July 22, 2009

High Maintenance Canine

Miss Ava is rediculous. She has always been a little on the high maintenance side of dogs, but she has now crossed the line. Recently she has developed an absurd fear of thunderstorms. She started trying to dig out of her cage and eventually was successful. She ruined her cage and in the process tore up her feet and face pretty bad. Since all this started she has broken 2 teeth, ripped off multiple toe pads, and shredded her toenails, along with the damage to her nose and face. So, now we have had to purchase another kennel (her FOURTH) and spend a mountain of money at the vet repairing her feet and getting medicine, to top it all off she now has to take an anti-anxiety sedative anytime we are not at home and there is a chance of rain. So...great. But, I still totally love her and think she is adorable, I just wish she was take a chill pill, not one I have to pay for either.

Me and Ava in her new monster cage, she has her "I'm sorry" face on.

Just to give you an idea of how large this thing is.

"I love my new cage! My mom and dad can fit in it with me, it makes me feel safe!"

Her new drugs work very very good.

Poor thing can't focus her eyes on anything...notice how they are looking in different directions.

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