Thursday, March 5, 2009


Tonight we got to go to the rodeo with our Jodi and Bryan and their beautiful tootie Scarlett. It was her very first concert and seeing Clay Walker as your first concert is not a bad deal! She loved it. Not just Clay, but the whole rodeo experience, and why not - it awesome! I realize that makes me somewhat of a cheezt cowgirl Texan type, but honestly - I LOVE the rodeo! Friendly Cowboys and Cowgirls, the stink of the Livestock show, the animals, the Cowboy culture and espcially the actual Rodeo. It was (and always is) SO FUN!

We went to the kids section to show Scarlett all the animals and they had momma cows with their baby calves, they were all less than a week old, it was precious!! The tiny tiny calves were so sweet and toddling, it was adorable. And the sows (momma pigs) with their little pink piglets. There was one that had 14 babies that were born today - they were so little and squealy and their little hooves were still pink and fleshy - it was adorable to watch them fight to feed. Then there were these little lambs that had the cutest little tails - they would run around and shake their little tails, we couldn't stop laughing and how cute they were.

Then we pulled ourselves away to go to the rodeo just in time to see the newest event, Mutton Bustin'. HILARIOUS! They take sheep and put them in pens, just like the Bunckin' Broncos or the Bull Riders, but they then put littel boys on them. Little 3-4 year olds covered in pads and helmets. The little cowboys lay down on top of the sheep and wrap their tiny arms as far around the sheeps necks as they can get them and then they let the sheep out of the pen and it jumps and kicks and throws the little boys off. It is SO funny! That's the makin's of a real cowboy! Haha - the boys were so tough and cute and excited about riding those sheep - it was so funny!

Anyway - we had a blast and we are going again on Monday to see Lady Antebellum and I can't wait! Mostly I am excited about more Livestock Show and Rodeo, but the concert is always fun, too! If you have never gone, treat yourself - and take enough time to see all the animals and educate yourself, it is definitely worth it!

Yee Haw - J

Monday, March 2, 2009


Tyler and Jodi Rohr
Big Beach, Maui, Hawaii - August 2008

So - We did go to Hawaii. Maui actually, and it was fantastic - it was, however ,8 months ago. Sorry for the delay. Many of you have fussed at me, I was just lacking motivation. I really am sorry I have been so long in this post!

Anyway - The past 8 months have been a big busy blur. I made up a silly little rap to sum up the time I haven't been posting - but it was so lame I was too embarrased to type it up for ya'll.

I am hoping that I will be more motivated to post regularly and hope that yall will hold me to it!
Have a fantastic day!