Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 Months in 3 Minutes or Less

It is hard to know how much of your life to divulge to everyone. But, I kind of feel that I have already poured my soul out on here, so why not...

Since my last post, alot of life has been happening. I started back to work-school in August and have been going 100 miles an hour since. My students, planning for classes, church, bible study, and fun stuff have kept us super busy.

In the midst of all that fun, and not fun stuff we have been going to doctors. LOTS of doctors. We did decide to go see a Genetic Specialist, who recommended that we see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (a more invasive baby making doctor), and since results have come back from that we are now getting ready to see a Hemotologist. has been kind of crazy, to say the least.

In all this testing and blood work (it is amazing how much blood I can give in one day) these excellent doctors have discovered that Tyler and I are both healthy, able to concieve (duh, we did that twice) and have no major fertility issues. Thank you Lord! So, it wasn't a getting pregnant problem, it was a staying pregnant problem.

They finally discovered that I have not one, but two blood clotting disorders that lead to recurring miscarraiges if untreated. Some women go through 5-6 miscarriages before they figure this out and I am SO glad that we got it nailed down now and can begin treatment! I have Factor 5, Leiden's and a Protein C Deficiency. Both are genetic traits that I inherited from one of my parents. Basically my blood is more prone to clotting and when I was pregnant my body thought something was wrong and began clotting rather than giving the right amount of blood and nutrients to the babies. It kills me that my body was fighting off exactly what my head and my heart and my husband wanted so badly. I wish I would've known before we ever began trying.

Luckily, treatment is pretty simple. We have the go ahead from ALL involved doctors to begin trying again when we are ready. Once I become pregnant I will immediatly begin taking daily anti-coagulant (blood thinner) injections. That's right folks, I get to give myself shots every day!! Yuck...I am not excited about that, but the outcome will be worth it! We had injection training a few weeks ago and it seems simple enough, but I guess I won't know for sure if I can do it until I do it. Tyler might have to take the reigns on this! I will continue the shots throughout pregnancy and stop taking them once I deliver. Anytime I become pregnant I will take them. And believe me, I used to want 4 kids - but after this, I want as many as God will give me!

I am also on low dose aspirin to keep my blood thin and will likely take that for the rest of my life. No biggie - just like another vitamin. I need the aspirin so that I won't develop random blood clots. That is why we are going to the Hematologist soon. Because I have 2 blood clotting disorders. Only about 1 in every 75-100 people have Factor 5 and only about 1 in every 400-500 people have Protein C Deficiency. So, in case you didn't already know, I am VERY special! :) They said that both of these could result in clotting problems during or after surgeries, long flights or anytime I am immobile for long periods of time - but probably none of those will be issues until later in life. And with the right treatment and medications, maybe never a problem. you know. That is the craziness of our lives lately. We still could use prayers because, while I would like to say I am fine, I am not fine. I have a few bad days every now and then. I still have awkward situations at church, work and pretty much anywhere. People who don't know ask why we don't have children yet. We smile and say that we are waiting for God's timing. Some people understand and change the subject. Others are a little more dense and keep pushing. Sometimes I just want to yell at them to stop being insensitive and rude, that it is none of their business. But, I don't. My momma raised me to smile and be kind, so I am. I just bite my tongue and deal with the rediculous questions until I can find a way of escape. And as I thought I would, here I go divulging too much! Forgive me, please.

I promise to let you know when we are pregnant. Please don't ask me. In fact, if you know ANYONE who is going through a struggle like mine, they probably don't want you to ask them either. Their mommas raised them to smile and be kind, also. It most likely hurts their heart the same way it hurts mine.

I really, really do thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Tyler and I don't know how we would get through this without the loving, comfort of our friends, family and our Lord. We know that all of you and, most importantly, Him want the very best for us.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers and sweet words and encouragement.

I was very nervous to let everyone know what had happened to us, but I have noticed that healing this time around has been different and seems better than in March. I don't know if I can say "better" but I can say different in a positive way. We have been called, texted, emailed, hugged on, loved on, prayed for and encouraged by so many people.

The only times that I have felt awkward are the times people didn't know and I had to explain what happened. They feel terrible for asking, they think I hate them for even asking, they don't know what to say or how to react for fear of making me cry or become upset, it is all around uncomfortable. I know that there will be more of those encounters. Each time it happens I get a little better about handling it and a little better about dealing with it emotionally afterwards.

This past week I went to Panama City Beach, Florida with the youth group from our church. Tyler wasn't able to go and I almost didn't go myself because of our recent circumstances. Bryan, the youth pastor (who is one of our best friends) called me and told me he completely understood if I didn't want to go and it would be ok. My very wonderful, sweet friend Heidi was also going as a counselor and she has been by my side through both miscarriages. I knew that without Tyler there it would be really tough, but I didn't feel pressured to go (thank you so much Bryan) and I knew that Heidi would be there if I really needed her physically or emotionally to hold me up. So, I went. And, she did. The ride up there on the bus was the hardest part. She comforted me while I cried and loved on me like best friends do. Thank you Lord for Heidi and thank you Heidi for being there.

Going to the camp was probably the best decision of the summer. I was really worried about becoming so emotional during messages and worship that I would have to leave. But the good Lord held me up, quite well, of course (how could I ever doubt that He would?) It was wonderful to serve and love on and minister to the students and let them do the same for me.

I was placed in a room of 8 preciously sweet, almost 9th grade girls who didn't keep me up all night, kept the room clean and were so wonderful (thank you Sabrina, Lyric, Aimee, Jessica, Diana, Mariah, Katelyn and Corina)! I shared these 8 girls with 2 beautiful other counselors, Megan and Biz. They are both young and energetic and strong in their faith and just beam with love and joy, all the best qualities of someone to lead young girls to the Lord. They were sweet and didn't push me to talk about anything until I was ready. They spoke truth and love into the 9th grade girls during small group time and saw 2 of these young ladies give their life to Christ this week, AMEN!

I was assigned a small group of girls with another leader, Stephany, who was a perfect match for me. She and I really got opportunities to speak to the hearts of the girls in our group through experience and scripture. They also spoke to me by being open, honest and vulnerable to allow the Lord to move them. Thanks Nikki, Brittany, Olivia, Victoria, Kacie, Hailey and Hannah, you are such beautiful girls! God moved and shook their lives through the week and it was amazing to witness and 1 of them got saved, too! Stephany and I were able to spend some one-on-one time together talking about things going on in our lives and she listened without judgement or shock and prayed with me and shared encouragement with me. She is young, but so wise and so beautiful, inside and out.

Also, my best friend from high school, Natalie was there at the same time with her church. We got to see each other a few times every day and each night we got to visit for about 15 minutes to talk about what God was doing with our students and she was checking in on how I was doing. I love her, and have for almost 13 years. Thank you Nat, you are and have alwasy been a beautiful, wonderful friend.

There were so many other people at camp, leaders and students that were amazing and I would be listing names all day to say thanks to everyone. So, everyone, THANK YOU! I loved watching these fantastic students open their hearts to the love that God has for them. I loved working with such amazing volunteers, musicians and leaders to bring these kids closer to Christ and to help bring salvation to MANY students! It was an incredible week, indescribable, actually.

It was hard being away from Tyler and I wish that we could have gone together, but at the same time, it would have been a very different experience if he were there. I would have leaned on him and talked to him instead of growing close to others and letting God really heal me. It was a glorious homecoming and he was so happy that I had such a great, healing time.

So, as I said we would, we have taken one day at a time. It has been a good method, because every day is a little easier than the day before. We still have to think more, pray more about and decide our next step. Thankfully, we don't have to decide immediately, we call the shots on timing. I am so thankful that Tyler encouraged me to go to camp and so glad that Bryan didn't pressure me. I am so happy that I went, I really feel like a did 2 months worth of healing time in less than a week. I have so much to be thankful for, and I love my sweet Jesus for blessing me with so much.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Call to Prayer

I will try to be brief, but I want people to know what is going on.

I am going through the hardest time of my life and I need a lot of prayers. I cannot express in words all the emotions that I am feeling or the depth of my pain.

Many people didn’t know this, but at the end of February, Tyler and I found out we were going to have a baby. We had prayed and planned and yearned to have a child and we were joyous and celebrated for 4 days before I had a miscarriage on March 2. We didn’t and still don’t understand why, and we probably never will. But, we mourned and grieved and took comfort in the fact that we will get see our baby in heaven. We were thankful that our families and friends lifted us up in prayer and cried with us.

Exactly 3 months later, on June 2, we found out that we were pregnant again. At one of our early appointments we were told by an ultrasound technician that we were not as far along as we originally thought, that the sonogram was showing a 6 week baby at the time that we thought we should have an 8 week baby. But, we saw a teeny tiny little baby and we got to see the heart beating, so we were thrilled and fell completely in love with this tiny life. They asked for us to come in again a week later so we could hear the heart beat. In our excitement, we told everyone. Everyone in our family, everyone we work with, go to church with, and everyone else we used to know or even barely know (thanks to facebook).

Yesterday, July 8, we went in for that ultrasound and met with the Dr. She said that she had some concerns about the size of the baby from the ultrasound pictures that the tech took because we should have been 8 weeks and the sonogram showed 6. When she turned on the machine she saw that there was no growth from the previous ultrasound, which was 10 days earlier, she also could not find a heartbeat. She said that we were probably 9 ½ weeks along, but the baby just had not grown correctly and was no longer living. So, now this baby is in heaven playing with our first that we lost.

Tyler and I are broken beyond words. We cannot understand why we had not one, but two babies taken from us before we got to meet them.

Everyone said after the first miscarriage that “it is very common” and “it wasn’t anything you did or didn’t do” and “you got pregnant once, you can do it again soon.”

Now, people don’t know what to say. They say they are praying and they offer their most loving words. And, I guess that is all we need. We don’t even know what words we want to hear or need to hear. We don’t know why or how this happened. It really seems impossible to me and I can’t make sense of it. We both come from large, fertile families where there were never problems. We are surrounded by beautiful friends with perfect babies and a few amazing friends who understand our heartache all too well.

We are thankful for all the people in our lives who love us and are crying with us. We are thankful for each other and that God has so clearly and divinely matched us up. There is no other man in the world I would want to spend my days and nights and laughs and cries with. Tyler is so strong and good to me, better than I deserve. He says sweet, kind things to me and tells me of his love. When he knows that words aren’t what I need, he just loves me and is sitting there, standing there, or laying there comforting me with his presence and his touch. I praise God every day for giving me the best husband in the world for me. He is my perfect love.

Some people are asking about the future, occasionally we ask each other about the future. Try again? See a specialist? Take medicine? Be part of a study? We don’t know what our next step will be, or when. Right now we need to focus on mourning and recovering. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking of You…

My mom comforted me with a wonderful thought, that our babies are playing with their Poppa B in heaven and he is taking care of them until we get there. Poppa B is my dad, he died of cancer 6 years ago. It seems very silly, even to me, but at the same time it is comforting to me. I can’t wait to get to heaven for many reasons, but the idea of seeing our two, beautiful, fair skinned, blonde babies playing with my dad on the golden streets of heaven makes me smile. I hope they will know and love us as much as we love them.

Please join us in praying for peace and comfort. Please don’t feel obligated to say anything to Tyler or me or leave a comment or anything that makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable. I didn’t know how to tell everyone but I couldn’t NOT tell for fear of people not knowing and continuing to ask about the baby or how am I feeling or when are we due. I fear facing people at work and get-togethers and our church, mostly because I don’t want them to ask about the baby, not knowing we lost it and then me crying and them feeling bad and it all being horribly uncomfortable for everyone involved. I have a lot of fears to be honest, but I don’t want to be pitied. Tyler and I want prayers and support, but we don’t want people to avoid us or be weird.

One of my very good friends is sadly going through this with me. She lost her first baby at the same time I lost mine. Now, we are mourning our second together. She has been a rock and a prayer warrior for me, and I have been on my knees for her. She sent me this verse and it was exactly what I needed at the time. It breaks my heart that she is so familiar with my pain that she knew just what verse to put.

Psalm 34:18-19
The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;
he delivers them from all their troubles.
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
A righteous man may have many troubles,
but the LORD delivers him from them all.

I know that the Lord is close to me, I know that He will deliver us from this, just as he did in March. I praise God for all he has blessed me with and I cry out to Him to take my pain. I believe in His plan for us and that He will love me and hear my cries. I know that He does not wish pain on me and I believe that He will give us the child He wants for us in the time that He knows is perfect. I just pray that until that time comes, He will comfort us and give us peace.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I've been eating better...

On our cruise a few months ago we saw a comedian who said, "Singles girls are skinnier than married girls. It's true, they are." We all laughed and nodded in agreement, and I have thought about that a few times since then. It is so true, something about getting married and being happy and content in my life - I have gotten a little bit curvier over the past 3 1/2 years. I mean, who wouldn't like to lose a few pounds, but, my husband loves me and all my curves and I still am healthy, so I don't stress. Too much, anyway.

So, last night Tyler and I were talking about how we have both put on a few pounds since we got married, it's true, we have. I usually cook for him (not at all yesterday, but usually), he loves to eat, it's all good. So he tells me he's been eating "better" and naturally, I think he has been watching what he eats and "better" to me means eating healthier, right? No...he meant that he is eating "better" as in he eats more now and more regularly than he did before we got married.

I am sitting there proccessing this information as I think about what he had for dinner, French Toast (I did not partake and I did not prepare). Four pieces of bread, soaked in three eggs and fried in butter, then slavered in more butter and coated with syrup....YUM, but not "better." Then I think about his late night snack, when he came home from basketball, 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. At this point I am already giggling at his idea of "better" and I ask what he had for breakfast, 4 pieces of toast and four scrambled eggs. HAHAA - BETTER! So I add it up in my head and tell him that he had 7 eggs and TWELVE pieces of bread (almost a whole loaf on his own) yesterday and he says, "But I had a real healthy lunch! Blackened Tilapia." Haaa, like that makes a difference. That's like the women that get a Diet Coke with thier Quarter Pounder at McDonalds. The only thing that does make a difference is that he has the fastest metabloism of anyone I know and he plays full court basketball for 3 hours a couple times a week.

I guess if I can start running at a full sprint for 3 hours a day I can start eating "better" like I did when I was single. Oh well, single girls are skinnier than married girls and that is likewise for the boys. :)

PS - I have a super hottie husband and I am not complaining. Not even a little!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Post

I haven't put a new post on here in over 6 months - I am SORRY! I know, I know, I have done this before, but I hope you all can forgive again! :) I get a little behind with posting, then I feel so guilty about not having posted that I don't want to post anything and then...AHH! The cycle is vicious!
So, since July 5th - Life has been happening, as we all know that is what life does.
I started back to school in August, teaching 8th grade reading, no more special education.
I had a stomach bug for Halloween, so I didn't get to dress up. Boooooo, not Boo!
We had a very thankful Thanksgiving with our families.
Tyler got a promotion and a raise and we said, Thank you LORD!
We went on a cruise with some HILARIOUS friends.
We had a spectacular Christmas with friends and families and we got a new computer!
We went on our annual deer camp trip (where we don't actually hunt) for New Years.
We started off the year like any other with resolutions and good intentions.
Our biggest plan for this year is to start a family! Please be praying that God would grant us a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! (NO...we are not pregnant yet! I must clarify for some of you that are going to imply meaning into that, it is just something we want and are praying for!)
And now, here we are, January is almost over and 2010 is FLYING by!
Anyway - I will try to be better! Here are some pics from the past few months to catch you up.
PS - It is much more motivating for me to ACTUALLY post on here, if I get some feedback that people are reading. Just a hint.

Thanksgiving 2009
My neices and nephews (minus Mallory) and in age (and height) order! Haha...

My sisters and mom and me.
Cruise 2009

Tyler and I dining on the Carnival Ecstasy!
Hallie and I sitting by the sparkly stage before the strangest show I have ever seen.

Jana, Hallie and I after a very heated round of musical chairs, ole!

Heidi and I on the deck at sea.

The boys, being boys on the beach in Cozumel.

Tyler and I have the summer in December, while it was snowing at home!

The whole gang waiting for dinner.

Sun on the Lido Deck.
Rohr Christmas 2009

Tyler and his brother Kevin
The Three Mrs. Rohrs :)
My sweet Mother in Law, Jan.
Tyler and his dad, can you guess what Tyler will look like in 25 years?
SISTERS! - Katie and Gretchen and I ready to open presents.
Life Group - Tacky Sweater Christmas Party 2009

The Lovely Ladies in our Sexy Sweaters!

Our Knights in shining armor, er...ugly sweaters.

Don't we look adorable? We tried to accesorize so as not to look SO tacky.

Williams Christmas 2009
My oldest neices, Shelby and Mikayla - so tall and skinny I have to stand on my tippy toes!

DeeDee and I

Rainey and Riley - I love this picture! It is totally them, 100%!

Tyler, Mom and I - we look uncomfortable, that makes me laugh.

Suzi and I

Bryan and his girls, Abby, Mikayla and Shelby.

Steven and DeeDee with Mallory and Rainey.
3rd Annual Larry Lawrence Deer Camp Extravaganza 2009-2010
Tyler and Kelley aiming and trees and skeet - Lord knows there are NO animals out there.

Two years is a habit - Three is a TRADITION!

Sweet Jana Jewell

I love my love.

Roughing it, for real, with Katie, Jana, and Heidi