Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Post

I haven't put a new post on here in over 6 months - I am SORRY! I know, I know, I have done this before, but I hope you all can forgive again! :) I get a little behind with posting, then I feel so guilty about not having posted that I don't want to post anything and then...AHH! The cycle is vicious!
So, since July 5th - Life has been happening, as we all know that is what life does.
I started back to school in August, teaching 8th grade reading, no more special education.
I had a stomach bug for Halloween, so I didn't get to dress up. Boooooo, not Boo!
We had a very thankful Thanksgiving with our families.
Tyler got a promotion and a raise and we said, Thank you LORD!
We went on a cruise with some HILARIOUS friends.
We had a spectacular Christmas with friends and families and we got a new computer!
We went on our annual deer camp trip (where we don't actually hunt) for New Years.
We started off the year like any other with resolutions and good intentions.
Our biggest plan for this year is to start a family! Please be praying that God would grant us a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! (NO...we are not pregnant yet! I must clarify for some of you that are going to imply meaning into that, it is just something we want and are praying for!)
And now, here we are, January is almost over and 2010 is FLYING by!
Anyway - I will try to be better! Here are some pics from the past few months to catch you up.
PS - It is much more motivating for me to ACTUALLY post on here, if I get some feedback that people are reading. Just a hint.

Thanksgiving 2009
My neices and nephews (minus Mallory) and in age (and height) order! Haha...

My sisters and mom and me.
Cruise 2009

Tyler and I dining on the Carnival Ecstasy!
Hallie and I sitting by the sparkly stage before the strangest show I have ever seen.

Jana, Hallie and I after a very heated round of musical chairs, ole!

Heidi and I on the deck at sea.

The boys, being boys on the beach in Cozumel.

Tyler and I have the summer in December, while it was snowing at home!

The whole gang waiting for dinner.

Sun on the Lido Deck.
Rohr Christmas 2009

Tyler and his brother Kevin
The Three Mrs. Rohrs :)
My sweet Mother in Law, Jan.
Tyler and his dad, can you guess what Tyler will look like in 25 years?
SISTERS! - Katie and Gretchen and I ready to open presents.
Life Group - Tacky Sweater Christmas Party 2009

The Lovely Ladies in our Sexy Sweaters!

Our Knights in shining armor, er...ugly sweaters.

Don't we look adorable? We tried to accesorize so as not to look SO tacky.

Williams Christmas 2009
My oldest neices, Shelby and Mikayla - so tall and skinny I have to stand on my tippy toes!

DeeDee and I

Rainey and Riley - I love this picture! It is totally them, 100%!

Tyler, Mom and I - we look uncomfortable, that makes me laugh.

Suzi and I

Bryan and his girls, Abby, Mikayla and Shelby.

Steven and DeeDee with Mallory and Rainey.
3rd Annual Larry Lawrence Deer Camp Extravaganza 2009-2010
Tyler and Kelley aiming and trees and skeet - Lord knows there are NO animals out there.

Two years is a habit - Three is a TRADITION!

Sweet Jana Jewell

I love my love.

Roughing it, for real, with Katie, Jana, and Heidi