Monday, April 28, 2008

My Green Thumb

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the wonderful art of gardening. And now I am officially obsessed. I go outside every day and count the blooms that are about to open up on all of my little flowers. I hate the little bugs that are trying to have their dinner from my hard work and I quickly eliminate thier lives as soon as they are spotted doing thier dirty work. Tyler gathers Ava's "tokens" in the back yard to use as free fertilizer in the front yard and tosses it into the flower beds...then I use little sticks to push them around so that they can give nourishment to the spots where I think need it the most (what do I know?!?). Now, I am new at this, but the spots that need my assistance change every day. I really think it's working - wherever I bull doze the moldy "tokens" to, those flowers start to grow! It's amazing! There are also a TON of mushrooms growing out of those same little spots...gross. My thumb is getting so green and my fingernails so dirty (I guess that's the price I have to pay for some curb appeal). I am so proud!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ava the Aviator

For everyone who thinks that they have the cutest dog in the world. Maybe you do to you - but I do, too! This is Ava, well her nose and paw anyway. She has learned the art of burrowing. She actually learned it very early in life, but has used the past 4 years to master her skill. I think that because I don't have a child yet and won't for a few more years that I am focused all of my motherly instincts on the stinker dog. She is also like a child in our family because just like with all of her kind, she is a Daddy's girl. If you have never had the good fortune of meeting her, please come by and bring your "cutest dog in the world" to be her friend. We would love to meet yours too!

Ta Daaaa!!!

Well friends...I did it. I made a blog. I am not sure I have the whit, genius, or creativity to make this even worth creating, but I am going to give it a shot. After reading other peoples blogs and being completely amazed at the charm and liveliness (is that spelled correctly?!?) of my friends I was inspired. So, please bare with me as I learn the blogging ropes and figure out how to keep up my interest level for you to read about! All comments welcome, please let me know what you think!