Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sisterhood of the Wrist Tattoo

A few months ago my sister DeeDee got a new tattoo on her wrist and my mom decided she LOVED it. Since then my mom has been trying to talk me and my sister Suzi into getting the same on so we can all match. If it wasn't for the fact that I want a different tattoo in the same spot I probably would have gotten it, but that didn't stop my mom from trying her hardest to persuade me. Eventually my mom and Dee talked Suz into going for the idea, so a few weeks ago we all made a day of it. We met out for lunch and then when to get these bad-boys. Once I saw all of thier wrists together I wanted one so bad! I wanted to be part of the club! I felt like they had an inside joke that I didn't know about and I wanted in! So, I called Tyler and told him I was going to get it and he said, "Whatever, honey - it is your wrist." YEA! I got off the phone, started filling out my paperwork and was getting ready to go. Then, my phone rang...Tyler called me back and reminded me of what I did want and how rash it was to get one because I liked someone elses without thinking about it. So...I didn't get it, I am still trying to decide for sure if I want my other one there and when. But Mom, Suz and Dee - ya'll are rockin' out the sisterhood of the wrist tattoo. I want to be part of the club.

As mom says, "The Williams Girls"

Suzi getting her tat on.

My sweet mom that didn't talk to me ALL day when she found out I had a tattoo,
now has 2 herself!

So cute - and a family affair!

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