Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Splish Splash Birthday

Last week while we were in Florida my mom had her 32 birthday (not really, but she insists she isn't getting older)! Happy Birthday MOM! So, when we got back Tyler and I joined my sisters and their families and my brother with my mom to celebrate. We had a great time! When you have a big family, with lots of grandkids living all over town it is hard to ALL get together except major holidays. So, we were missing Rainey and Riley, and Mikayla had to leave early, but we still had so much fun. We swam and ate delicious food and played Rock Band and laughed and laughed and laughed. Here are some pics of our wonderful day and my gorgeous family!

Mally Mae - my youngest neice, precious as always!

Shelby and Abby - Shelby hated this picture, but I LOVE it -they are so natural and pretty!

Tyler, Steven, Grady and I rockin' it out - DeeDee laughing at us in the background :)

My sweet, handsome honey - see the mo-hawk?!? I LOVE IT!

Mallory leaping off the "jumping board"

Shelby flying through the air thanks to Tyler and Grady

Abby doing the same - WEEEEE!!!

I clearly can't throw Mallory as far as the boys threw the bigger girls.

L to R - Me, Tyler, Mallory, Grady, Shelby and Abby

Girls ONLY!

Mom and Mikayla (before she left for another party)
My beautiful mom! Happy Birthday mom - I love you SO much!

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