Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seperated at birth...

Last year around the beginning of the year Tyler and I met another couple from our church named Kelley and Heidi. We knew very quickly that we would become great friends with them. However, Heidi and I quickly realized that our husbands are almost the same person. We think they were secretly seperated at birth because they really could be brothers. Tyler is an extremely funny person to begin with and so is Kelley - but when they are together it is almost more than one person can handle. Heidi and I often find ourselves laughing along and rolling our eyes at how silly these boys get. They come up with the strangest sayings and ideas and schemes and they work together to get want the want from Heidi and I.

The topic they are trying very hard to convince Heidi and I of right now is to fly to Spain in July so they can run with the bulls. Yeah, right. In no way am I even considering this, but it is so funnny to listen to them try to convince us. They say that they don't have to run faster than the bulls, they just have to be faster than the little Spanish men running behind them. Ha...this does not comfort me AT ALL to the idea. But, I appreciate thier valiant efforts of persuasion.

Last week was Kelley's birthday and Heidi threw him a little shing-dig last night. We went over and had a blast, of course. I tried to be a good "mom" and take pics of the party.

I tried to get Kelley and Tyler to seriously get together for a pic -
all I got was CHEESE grins and high school prom poses...

Heidi and Kelley - Birthday Boy

Whitney and Jess - two of my awesome Bible Study girls!

Kelley and his sister Eve - she agrees with us about the Seperations from birth theory

Kelley and Heidi again

Me and my sweet honey

Me and Heidi - the real wives of crazy boys - it could be a sitcom...

Needless to say - they are just another awesome friendship that we have been blessed with - God is SO good - He really knows what kinds of people we love and He just keeps giving us more!

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