Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome to the world Sophee!

Last week our friends Cameron and Ashley had their first daughter, Sophee. Tyler and I are so bummed that we can't fly to Oregon and go visit them and meet the beauty in person. But, unfortunately we just can't right now. So, today they called us through Skype and we got to visit and talk to her through the computer. She is precious and healthy and such a sweetie.

We are so happy for you, Cam and Ash. Welcome to the world Sophee - we can't wait to mee you! There are at least 2 humans and a canine in Texas that love you!

Here she is for the rest of you to see!


Jodi said...

she looks just like Cam!!!

The Marvin Makings said...

hahaha!! She looks like such a chubbers there!! We love you guys!!