Friday, June 20, 2008

Clifford the Armadillo

So Clifford. Well, I call him Clifford, my next door neighbor calls him Armazilla (Godzilla meets Armadillo). He is one of about 3-4 Nine-banded Armadillos that live near my yard. He is precious! He doesn't seem to be afraid of us and he comes to visit our flowerbeds almost every day. I have been trying to get pictures of him for about a week, but until today he was a bit camera shy (or maybe it is Ava barking like Kujo to save my life from the terrible creature). Him and his little brothers leave "tokens" all over our front yard and our driveway, which Tyler then throws in the flowerbeds as free fertilizer, Ava just can't keep up with our fertilization needs. I probably should be mad at this little bugger for tearing up my beds, but I can't help but love him. His little ears are the cutest thing and his claws are so paintable! I googled Clifford the other day and found out that he eats bugs and worms (not flowers) and so I figure he is just trying to help, right?!? He is so interesting, I have tons of facts about Nine-banded Armadillos, so here are some facts for those of you Discovery Channel/Animal Planet junkies:
  1. Nine-banded armadillos are the only armadillos who live in Texas, they range as far north as Kansas and as far east as Florida.
  2. They almost always have four identical babies (no wonder there is a family here and I am probably calling 4 different Quadruplets the same name - oh, sweet Cliff...s).
  3. When they are scared or threatened they can jump straight up 3-4 feet into the air, that's why they are dead on the road so often.


Jodi said...

Cliffy is soooo cute! I love him! And all of his brothers and sisters and off spring or however many there are...

The Littles said...

Ok, I must admit that he is pretty cute. But, he has a rat tail and that kinda wierds me out :) You should sneak up behind him one day and test out the jumping in the air fact!