Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Calf Scramble

Have you ever been to the rodeo? Seen the calf scramble? Secretly yearned to be a part of it? I have!! And today - I got the experience of a life time. Chasing a calf in fron of a huge audience, cheering me on to catch the little baby...HOWEVER (didn't you know that was coming??), my audience was the angry road ragers driving down 518 that were honking at me to get myself and the lone ranger calf off the road. He wandered onto 518 while I was leaving the gym, so of course I did my civic duty to save the day. And I, no doubt, laughed hysterically the whole time wishing someone was with me enjoying this hysteric chase. I was accompanied on this adventure by 2 UPS workers, 3 random men, 2 police officers, and 1 other lady. It took all of us (who had no experience in calf roping) to get the little guy off the road and back in his pasture. Poor thing was scared to death. The most traumatic part for him was probably when some rediculous, 25 year old pale-face white girl DOVE after him, and missed (resulting in a face plan in the grass, good thing there were no cow patties in that particular spot). I looked just like those idiot kids who dive after the high speed calves at the rodeo. I don't know if anyone else laughed, but I certainly did, and I hope you are now. Have a nice day and YEE-HAW! Country girls can survive!


Jodi said...

mom- you are nuts!

Anonymous said...

wish i could have seen that.