Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gender Party - 2-25-2011

Because we waited until our second trimester to tell everyone we were expecting, it wasn't but a month later that we found out that our little bity was going to be a girl. I had seen a friend from high school had a gender party and when I told Tyler about it, he loved it too. We decided that was a perfect way for us to find out if our little bun in the oven was going to be tutus and recitals or basketballs and trucks.

At our BIG ultrasound we asked the sonographer to tell us anytime she was in the "nether regions" so we could look away. We were teasing each other that one of us would cheat, so we stared lovingly (haha) into each other's eyes the whole time so we would know for sure that we were being honest. She cut that picture out seperatley for us and sealed it in an envelope. Later that day I dropped the envelope off with my best friend, Jodi. She and her husband found out the next day if thier baby was a girl or boy also, so she had her secret to keep and mine for a few days. TORTURE! I knew she knew, she knew I she was crazy fun!

Jodi called a baker friend of ours and explained the process and said to bake a cake and dye the cake itself either pink or blue and ice it completely white and write "It's a ?" on the cake.

We invited our families and some of our closest friends to dinner and had a VERY suspenseful meal waiting for dessert!

Here are some pics of our night. It was SO fun! If anyone wants to find out the sex of their baby in a fun way, this is it!

My beautiful mom, Nonnie and I waiting for dinner...

Mommy and Daddy waiting to find out!

Cutting into the cake! Funny moment...the baker (who is a friend from church) wanted to trick us, so she "accidently" dabbed a little blue icing on the bottom decorative part. Tyler took it out of the box and was saying "I see it, I know, I see it" before I even cut into it. I was yelling at him saying "No you don't, No you don't" because I wanted us to fin out at the exact same moment!

We both were FULLY convinced it was a boy - so imagine our surprise! PINK! GIRL!!

Pink cake for our sweet girl, Zolie Addison Rohr!

"My Daddy ROCKS!" - Yes, sweet girl, he does. Hard core. :)

Everyone weating blue that thought Baby Rohr was going to be a little boy.

The smarties of the party who guessed GIRL!

Jodi and I letting our girls "play together" - our bumps have grown SO much since then!

Grammy, Daddy, Mommy and Nonnie

Our sweet friend Hallie, her crazy hubs John couldn't make it - but their little boy Jack (who will be one of Zolie's boyfriends) came too!

My beautiful family - only missing Steven - was all able to make it!

Uncle Bubba and Aunt Mayra just recently moved close to us, so Zolie can see them anytime she wants!

Thank you Lord for my beautiful best friends!

Tomball Beauties! My momma and "Aunt" Betty!

Sweet Aunt Nat Nat - the friend I've had the longest! :) Zolie will love you as much as I do!

Aunt Kellis - I love you! Kellis was my roommate in college for several years - Zolie is gonna be spoiled by you, I just know it!

My AMAZING mentor, Lisa - or Nonnie Lisa as Zolie will call her!

Jodi and Bryan - their sweet Kirby WILL be Zolie's best friend - and their birthdays will be days apart - maybe even the same day!

Kelley and Heidi - they are expecting a little one in February! Tyler and I should be pros by then to teach them the ropes, right?!?

Katy and Erich - Tyler's best friends from high school that we don't spend nearly enough time with, but ALWAYS have fun!

Jantie and Buddy - they live too far away! But, We love them just the same and can't wait for them to make Zolie laugh as hard as they make us laugh!

SOOO - Gender Party = AWESOME SUCCESS! It really was one of my (and Tyler's) favorite memories we've made in our marriage. We loved it. Thank you friends and family for making it so special and finding out the surprise of our little girl with us!

I was going to blog my entire pregnancy today - but it is NOW TIME to go the hospital! We start the induction early in the morning. So I must go for now. I will continue to blog the rest of our pregnancy, but it will be after she gets here!

Send prayers and thoughts and love our way - we are on our way!

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