Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Rohr is coming...TOMORROW!

I have not blogged since the day I posted that we were pregnant. WOW - way too long! Tomorrow I go to the hospital to be induced so our little one will be here! And I have SO many emotions (but we will save that for another blog...) So MUCH has happened since then! I am going to blog one thing at a time. Anyone who has facebook has seen most, if not all, of these pictures and events. But, for those who don't facebook - here we go! Ultrasound Pictures!

Our very first ultrasound picture of our little one - 7 weeks and 2 days - 12-10-2010

Next week - the size of a raspberry! - 8 weeks and 2 days - 12-17-2010

Mom and Dad get a gummy bear for Christmas - 9 weeks and 9 days - 12-26-2010

Baby Rohr's first human profile - just a few days before we announced to the world of our pregnancy! - 12 weeks - 1-12-2010

The next five pictures are from our BIG ultrasound on February 22 (17 weeks and 6 days). It was SO FUN! But, when it came time to see if our teeny-tiny was a boy or girl we looked away. We had the sonographer cut that picture out seperately and not tell us what it said. Later that week we had a Gender Party (pics and blog about that later ;)) where we found out with our family and some friends that our little miracle is a GIRL!

Her perfect little foot!

The circled area was the proof - GIRLY GIRL! No worries friends, I have had about 6-7 ultrasounds since then, she is STILL a girl, there were no hiding apendages in this pic! :)

Her long legs! She get's those from her daddy! Perfect for dancing and swimming and chasing Miss Ava.

Her beautiful profile and backbone all curled up and comfy!

Tiny hands waving HI to everyone! She can't wait to meet you!

The next 4 are from our March 18th appointment (21 weeks and 2 days). These were the times I was grateful for being high risk because I got to see my little girl so often! Not all moms and dads get the luxury of so many ultrasounds - most people only get ONE, I can't imagine!

Precious little arm bones holding up a sweet face, she was thinking about us as much as we were thinking about her!

Sort of a scary picture - but you can see her perfect little skull.

There are those long legs again - always measuring at least a week ahead of average schedule!

A month later on April 20 (26 weeks) we got to see her again! The next 3 are from that day.

Look at the gorgeous face! Already posing for the camera!

These last 2 are from May 18 (30 weeks) where she was measuring 3 pounds and 5 ounces.

I can't wait to meet those squishable, kissable, loveable cheeks tomorrow!

This was the point where I was dismissed from seeing my high-risk doctor for the intensive ultrasounds. We still got an ultrasound every week from my OB/GYN then until now, but on a machine that wasn't as fancy or clear, so the pictures aren't as good. So, you'll just have to wait for the pics of the REAL girl!

I can't believe that she is going to be here tomorrow (assuming my body takes to the medicine correctly)...I am so excited I can't even find words to explain. Looking back at these it is amazing to me that God has crafted her from a single tiny cell and grown her completely inside of my body. As I look down and see her knees and elbows and feet almost poking through my skin I am still amazed and get giddy about her movement inside of me.

I PRAISE HIM for her, because she is "fearfully and wonderfully made" and He loved her before she was even in my womb. So did we, precious baby, so did we.

Moving on to the next blog...Gender Party! :)

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