Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crocodile Duncan

So...There is the sweetest man that walks in our neighborhood every day. His name is Duncan, and he is awesome. He always stops to talk to us if we are getting the mail or out in the yard, he is so friendly and waves at everyone. He is ALWAYS smoking his pipe while he walks, it seems a little contridictory to me, but...whatever, to each his own, right? Tyler likes to joke that he only has 2 outfits because we only see him wearing one of two things when he walks.

Outift Number One (if the temperature is below 70) = White tennis shoes, black socks, jeans, button down, black coat, scarf, black gloves, pipe and Crocodile Duncan Hat

Outift Number Two (if the temperature is 70 or above) = See below...

If you ever are in our area - make sure you wave and say Hi!!

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